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MOSA HOME|Handmade home furnishings, natural fragrance healing brand

|MOSA Philosophy:There are so many choices on the market, so we should choose more consciously, natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products that are really helpful to the body, and don't waste the earth's resources and cause physical burdens in vain.

|About MOSA:Adhere to full hand-made, use imported natural pure essential oils for fragrance, do not use any cheap essences or chemical ingredients, real essential oils are extracted from plants to have healing effects, and are often used to improve sleep quality, enhance Invigorate the spirit, achieve relaxation or eliminate anxiety, relieve depression and stress, etc., only essential oils have the healing effect. In addition to being useless to the human body, general chemical fragrances can also cause dizziness and nausea after smelling them for a long time, especially for women, infants and pets, try to avoid toxic substances, and choose natural ingredients as a priority, and hope to take care of them while enjoying the fragrance Your body, nourishing and enriching your heart, is one of the biggest differences from the general scented candles on the market.

|Using natural raw materials:The ingredients are 100% natural soybean wax imported from the United States, which can also purify the air, low melting point, long burning time, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, I hope everyone who likes indoor fragrance can use it with confidence. The used containers can be reused or recycled even if they are left as decorations. We love the earth and do not create garbage. I hope that you can find the fragrance that you like to accompany you, so that the natural concept of MOSA can also have a good cycle in the world. Let's create your own most comfortable and exclusive space through MOSA home scented candles~ I won't go into details, thank you for your love of handmade products, each piece of work made with love is unique.

|MOSA currently has ten fragrances, all of which are made by Banniang after repeated experiments and final adjustments. Each fragrance is different. For those who don’t know how to choose, it is recommended to choose according to the effect you like or your favorite fragrance. Remember , Fragrance is a very subjective thing. Aromatherapy must be loyal to your own feelings in order to heal yourself!

Finally, remember to always remind yourself to"love yourself".