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Every container is purely handmade by Banniang herself, from pouring manual coloring, dyeing, demoulding, varnish and fragrance to the final wax filling, from scratch, each one is carefully selected and unique to human beings.,同人類,獨一無二的存在。


|Scented Candle Container Introduction:


Nudes - I AM LOVED x Ness Wellness Collaboration

Women's Body 125g

Organic Cotton Wick

Love every aspect of yourself Imperfect is the most beautiful的。
You are imperfect in the perfect way.



Mandala - I AM WORTHY

Large 200g

Two organic cotton wicks 2 Cotton Wicks

Light color system Light
Mandala is a Sanskrit word for the power of the perfect image of the universe in a circle Mandala has special meaning for the soul and self-realization of modern people I only deserve the best值得最好的。
Reminder: I am worthy of love and respect.


Curves - I AM STRONG



Large 200g

Eco-friendly wooden candle wick Wooden Wick

Bright color Bright
Always maintain perseverance and confidence. All difficulties can be easily solved. The outer layer of this curved container will be painted with waterproof paint. Other models retain the original cement texture.泥質感。
The harder I fall the higher I bounce.


Cylinder - I AM CLASSIC

Large 200g

Eco-friendly wooden candle wick Wooden Wick

Rendering Department Marble
The never-ending classic bottle is suitable for lighting in any corner of the home合。
I am not getting older, I'm just becoming a classic.


Consummation - I AM BRAVE

Medium 140g

Eco-friendly wooden candle wick Wooden Wick

simple is complete。
Less is more.


Geometry - I AM SPECIAL

Small 80g

Eco-friendly wooden candle wick Wooden Wick

solid color
The more you know yourself, the happier you will be己。
I am me.