Original Aroma Formula|Secret of Our Scents

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popularity ranking:

Top 1: 009 Summer Daydream Summer Daydream / white musk

Top 2: 001 Bedside Whispers Bedtime story / rosewood tone

Top 3: 008 Walking in the Valley of flowers / Mysterious and addictive woody floral fragrance


Our original ten classic aroma formulas contain all the essential oils of floral, fruity, woody and herbal. The unique fragrance is formulated from natural plant-derived essential oils.一無二香調。

Even the same fragrance will smell different after use due to the degree of volatilization of the essential oil. The front, middle and back notes make each fragrance more rich and multi-layered olfactory enjoyment的嗅覺享受。


No. 001Whispers by the bedBedtime Story /Cat and dog friendly


No. 002afternoon sunHello Sunshine

No. 003land of tea gardenTea Garden

No. 004foggy forestMisty Forest

No. 005zenZen

No. 006golden sunsetGolden Sunset /dog friendly

No.007 Date Night Date Night

No. 008Strolling in the Valley of FlowersValley of flowers

No. 009 summer daydreamSummer Daydream

 No.010 Peace of mind


 The above are the ten aroma compounds that Banniang has tried many times and still smell comfortable and pleasant. I hope you all like them.喜歡。