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|About Candles essential oil scented candle series列:

    Use all-natural imported pure essential oils for fragrance without any fragrance or chemical ingredients. In addition to fragrance, real essential oils have different healing effects. I hope that you can also take care of your body while enjoying the fragrance. The heart is one of the biggest differences from the general market aroma candles大不同之一。

    The ingredients are 100% natural soybean wax imported from the United States, low melting point, long burning time, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, using formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly wooden candle wicks or organic cotton wicks, I hope everyone who likes indoor fragrances can use it with confidence能用的放心。The used containers are left as decorations and can be reused or recycled Love the earth and do not create garbage圾。

    I hope you can find the fragrance that you like to accompany you so that MOSA's natural concept can also have a good cycle in the world. Let's create your own most comfortable and exclusive space through MOSA home scented candles間吧!



    Because each candle container is handmade and made of cement, the production process is very cumbersome and time-consuming. There may be some dark and shallow lines or small bubbles on the surface, and each finished product is different. Pursue perfectionists, please carefully consider the cement of the candle container. Internal inspection, environmental protection, imported waterproof paint, etc.口防水漆,其他Cement product tray series will become darker when exposed to water and absorb moisture. The body of the bottle will also change color after burning. Drying and high temperature will cause a little powder falling. It is a characteristic of cement.特性唷!

    Hand-made products cannot be taken separately for each finished product. The color of the webpage product photo may also have some color difference due to the brightness and the settings of each computer brand. The climate, various variables and raw materials are not the same during production. The actual product color is the main thing. Sorry for not Factory machine making each piece is unique都是獨一無二。


|Candle CareCandle Precautions:

1. Keep ventilation when using to ensure that the source of fire is away from pets and children童。

2. It is recommended to burn for about 2-3 hours each time until the surface is fully liquefied and then extinguished so that there will be no cave effect應。

3. Before burning the candle, please trim the wick to 0.3~0.5 cm. If the wick is too long or burned repeatedly, it may cause black smoke or burnt smell.味。

4. Do not burn continuously for more than four hours to prevent the bottle from overheating。

5. When the wooden candle wick burns, there will be a natural sound of wood burning and cracking, which is a normal phenomenon現象。

6. Please place it in a place out of direct sunlight. Long-term exposure to heat may cause the surface of the candle to liquefy and lose the fragrance. After cooling, add a cover to help preserve the fragrance.氣的保存。


| About Home Collection About Home Collection:

    Based on cement gypsum itself has very small pores and can breathe. The surface of the product will be coated with a waterproof coating to avoid powder loss. In case of weather, the accumulation of moisture on the indoor humid surface is purely natural because of its hygroscopic properties. No need to worry if there is no waterproof coating on the surface. vice versa上防水塗層,則反之。


|About Coasters About Coasters Collection:

    When the water absorption capacity of the coaster decreases, you can use sandpaper to polish it or move it to a cool and ventilated place to dry it. Avoid direct sunlight exposure and collisions. The low hardness may cause embrittlement or cracking. Because of the handmade surface, there will be some deep and shallow lines or small bubbles. wait或小氣泡等唷。

    The back of the coaster will be pasted with a cork pad to protect it from scratching your desktop and hope to prolong the use time. If the coaster is too wet, the adhesive may lose its stickiness. If it really can’t stick, you can tear it off directly. It is recommended to use it wet Just wipe it with a cloth to avoid excessive water absorption and loss of water absorption function during cleaning去吸水功能。


|About our Packaging About packaging:  

   『 No plastic. Branded Eco-friendly reusable drawstring bag / Paper Boxes..

    Love the Earth does not use plastic. Each scented candle is individually packaged. A scent card for each candle is attached. On the back of the card, there are instructions for use and maintenance of candles. Each candle will be affixed with a brand seal and an anti-collision sticker at the bottom.會加上防撞貼。

    Other items will be packaged in environmentally friendly anti-collision honeycomb paper and the side of the hemp rope package will also use recycled paper to fill as much as possible, hoping that the items can be delivered to your hands intact手中。


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